IT Outsourcing


IT Outsourcing

Strengthen your core competencies by outsourcing IT to us!

The United States has one of the largest pools of companies that outsource their IT requirements. Outsourcing not only fulfills talent gaps but provides undeniable cost advantages. At Keplerbase, we are a boutique Outsourcing Company that helps your business grow by offloading time consuming IT activities. We accept IT projects related to software, maintenance and Digital Properties that place you as competitive market leaders.

So far, Keplerbase has helped numerous Entrepreneurs, Congresspersons, Athletes, Enterprise Clients and US-based startups to build impactful IT products. We have participated in the full digital process that has enabled individuals to grow profitable.


IT and ITeS Outsourcing

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Software Development

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Web Property Development

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Let’s Shake Hands for Technological Prowess

21st century businesses rely heavily on smart technology. Your business requires cutting-edge solutions that outperform competition and provide you with a profitable, repeatable process for revenue generation. Keplerbase partners with your business to facilitate the right IT solutions, with the right scope and with the right budget.

Being an experienced IT outsourcing company in New York, we have developed the expertise to manage your project remotely. We ensure compliance, project realisation and effective communication. Access our Business Intelligence and IT expertise built over the years working with thousands of clients across the world.

Our IT Outsourcing Model

Through passage of time, Keplerbase has developed a fully functional model for gathering client requirements, brainstorming the perfect outsourcing strategy, and making cost-effective IT available to businesses across borders. This minimizes capital churn and increases the speed at which you can have your cloud solution in the production state.

Our Step-by-Step Approach for IT Outsourcing

  • Gathering your data dependencies and business application requirements

  • Drafting an effective IT Outsourcing strategy

  • Consulting you with the best cloud computing resources

  • Kick-starting the IT Outsourcing project with SLAs in place

  • Optimizing cloud resources for the best outcomes

  • Setting up security protocols and authentication

  • Setting up user accounts for your organization

  • Shifting servers to the production phase

  • Constant monitoring and server maintenance

The KeplerBase Advantage

More than 500 businesses worldwide trust KeplerBase for the technical prowess and marketing talent. Our products reflect your business image while achieving your business goals successfully. By working with us, you gain the following advantages;

Domain Expertise

Access domain expertise across 15+ industries, ensuring that your cloud processes and technical configuration are always up-to-date. We understand the nuances of your business.

Custom Development

Our development strategy believes in constructing highly specific software tools that best meet your business needs, rather than relying on an existing solution, which may not suit you that well. 

Project Management

Expect professional communication and timely deliveries for all your projects. We manage your website as our own!

Full-loop Process

No need to hire professionals outside the company. We provide expert help for all your website needs right from the first line of the code to the launch day and beyond.

Transparent Pricing

Every penny spent with us comes with full accountability and optimally planned prices. Pay with convenience and confidence.