CRM Solutions Development


CRM Solutions Development

Manage your leads and strengthen your business relationship for customer success!

CRM solutions enable you to build long-lasting business relationships with your customers and understand them better. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C organization, a CRM software can scale your client relationships to the next level, helping you retain them for longer, and better your customer lifecycle.

Keplerbase provides you with the right CRM tools, an effective CRM strategy and gets you started with your CRM solution in no time. We are involved in the entire process of finding the right software fit, and getting it working for your customer success teams, with reliability.


Custom Crm Development

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Data Migration From Legacy Crm

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Support And Evolution

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Build Customer Relationships That Last!

A CRM software makes it a lot easier for your marketing, sales and support teams to treat your customers in the way they wish to be treated. You can centralize all your customer communication, qualify leads, and always stay on the top of your customer needs. This makes your organization compete better in a highly stringent business landscape.

Keplerbase takes the burden of creating the best CRM software for your organization. We study your exact needs, brainstorm a befitting solution and provide a development plan. If there’s an existing solution available, we set it up for you. Alternatively, we’re always ready to build one from scratch for you!

Our CRM Development Model

Through passage of time, Keplerbase has developed a fully functional model for gathering client requirements, brainstorming the perfect CRM implementation strategy, and making cost-effective support available to businesses across borders. This minimizes capital churn and increases the speed at which you can have your software solution in the production state.

Our Step-by-Step Approach for CRM Solutions Development

  • Gathering your data dependencies and business application requirements

  • Drafting an effective CRM development strategy

  • Consulting with your marketing, sales and customer success teams

  • Kick-starting the CRM data import and deployment process

  • Optimizing cloud resources for the best outcomes

  • Setting up security protocols and authentication

  • Setting up user accounts for your organization

  • Shifting servers to the production phase

  • Constant monitoring and CRM maintenance

The KeplerBase Advantage

More than 500 businesses worldwide trust KeplerBase for the technical prowess and marketing talent. Our products reflect your business image while achieving your business goals successfully. By working with us, you gain the following advantages;

Domain Expertise

Access domain expertise across 15+ industries, ensuring that your cloud processes and technical configuration are always up-to-date. We understand the nuances of your business.

CRM Expertise

Our CRM experts are trained on leading CRM products such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM, Hubspot CRM and Salesforce. We also develop customized CRM solutions, to better need your business needs. 

Project Management

Expect professional communication and timely deliveries for all your projects. We manage your website as our own!

Full-loop Process

No need to hire professionals outside the company. We provide expert help for all your website needs right from the first line of the code to the launch day and beyond.

Transparent Pricing

Every penny spent with us comes with full accountability and optimally planned prices. Pay with convenience and confidence.