Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Never go out of business even when there is a Tsunami hitting the city!

Every business needs a master Business Continuity Plan to steer it in times of unforeseeable circumstances. At Kepler Base, we help you deploy a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan which will boost your data security while keeping your organization secure from disasters. Get ready to introduce the next level of data backup capabilities in your company!

At Kepler Base, we are among the top Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery companies in NYC. With relevant industry experts and cloud engineers, we fulfill diverse BCP requirements such as backups, fallback or failover procedures, with full guidance on deploying disaster recovery setups.


Certified DRaaS Provider

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3rd Party CSP Support

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Automated Backups

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Earthquake, DDoS, Fire - Bring it on!

We promise that no matter what strikes your business tomorrow, it will keep on running. Our Disaster Recovery services readies your mission critical resources for all kinds of mishaps, preventing any severe data loss or business downtime.

May it be an earthquake, Cyber DDoS or fire tornado, your customers won’t feel a thing!

Make your business disaster proof!

Deploying Disaster recovery measures is a long-sighted decision that every organization must take to ensure they’re never falling victim to any kind of calamity. Kepler Base offers several ways for you to keep your organization protected and under control with the help of our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services. We accept outsourcing projects, helping you effectively manage all your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery requirements with minimum costs.

Our Step-by-Step approach for materializing your SaaS project

  • Understand Your Hosting and Data Requirements
  • Provisioning Disaster Recovery with a Cloud Provider
  • Setting up daily backups and failover servers
  • Configuring your networks as per your organization
  • Creating network authorization and authentication protocols
  • Building end-to-end disaster recovery procedures
  • 24x7 security monitoring

The KeplerBase Advantage

More than 46% businesses have already deployed Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery measures. At Kepler Base, we are known as an established cloud engineering company working with leading cloud providers for enabling disaster recovery on public or private cloud networks for all your business data. By working with us, you gain the following advantages;

DRaaS Enabled

We offer Disaster Recovery as a Service for leading businesses, enabling them to configure DRaaS with the cloud provider of their choice, and technical in-house support.

Industry DR Partnerships

We work on all popular Networking and Architecture technologies such as Microsoft Server, Tomcat, distributed networks, Blockchain and more.

Adherence to Networking and Architecture Standards

We have adopted the globally renowned Networking and Architecture standards such as ISO/IEC 27033, ISO/IEC 27002 and many more.

Ad hoc Support

We work with businesses who require Ad hoc support for their applications and databases. Rely on us for enabling DR on any of your critical applications with ease and round the clock support.

Transparent Pricing

Every penny spent with us comes with full accountability and optimally planned prices. Pay with convenience and confidence.