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Explainer Videos

Create sign-up-worthy explainer videos for your services and products!

64% of businesses have testified in favor of explainer videos as a sale-boosting tool for their offerings! We’re in the age of the internet where people have low attention spans and haphazard click behaviour. In a world full of such short-lived opportunities, a 2-minute explainer video can do wonders for your business. 77% people reportedly watch the explainer video for 120 seconds, and that’s how an explainer video helps you convert a fleeting visitor into a paying customer.

Keplerbase provides you with a set of creative team of video, animation and filming experts who turn your 10 page long pitch into a bite-sized, crisp explainer video. Backed by Marketing Intelligence, we create explainer videos that promise greater brand awareness and improved conversion rates.


Animation and Filming

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Motion Video Production

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Put Your Best Pitch Forward!

An explainer video not only enables you to explain your product or service but it also sparks interest in the same. A smart curated explainer video generates the right amount of curiosity while drawing in attention towards the core features of your business. If you’re offering a Software product or a new service that needs more than a blog post, an explainer video is one of the fundamental assets to have on your website.

The creative team at Keplerbase walks with you through the entire process of ideating, writing and producing your explainer video. We enable you to transform your thoughts into a beautiful presentation that your users would instantly click to!

Our Explainer Video Process

Through the passage of time, Keplerbase has developed a fully functional model for gathering client requirements, brainstorming the perfect Video Production plan, and making cost-effective support available to businesses across borders. This minimizes capital churn and increases the speed at which you can have your explainer video moved towards publication.

Our Step-by-Step Approach for Explainer Videos

  • Understanding your core services and products

  • Meeting with your support, sales and marketing teams

  • Ideating 4-5 explainer video concepts

  • Finalizing the most appealing idea and create a rough draft

  • Getting approval on the draft idea

  • Moving the project to script writing and animation phase

  • Taking feedback from you as we proceed in the process

  • Finalizing the explainer video and delivering in your supported format

The KeplerBase Advantage

More than 500 businesses worldwide trust KeplerBase for the technical prowess and marketing talent. Our products reflect your business image while achieving your business goals successfully. By working with us, you gain the following advantages;

Domain Expertise

Access domain expertise across 15+ industries, ensuring that your cloud processes and technical configuration are always up-to-date. We understand the nuances of your business.

Video Talent

We cover the diverse marketing channels that your brand needs to stay ahead of the competition. From graphic content to videos, we provide all the relevant branding assets.

Project Management

Expect professional communication and timely deliveries for all your projects. We manage your website as our own!

Full-loop Process

No need to hire professionals outside the company. We provide expert help for all your website needs right from the first line of the code to the launch day and beyond.

Transparent Pricing

Every penny spent with us comes with full accountability and optimally planned prices. Pay with convenience and confidence.