NJ Covid-19

Add Test Sites

As you all aware about Covid 19 virus, so we developed this app to give the important information of corona virus to New Jersey Citizens. Here Admin can add the Test Sites which helps mobile users to get the details of test centers nearby them.

Smart Analytics

Admin can add the all details like Corona virus cases in New Jersey. Total cases, Under treatments, fatal etc details will be manged by this dashboard. Here Admin can see the analytics as well.

Smart App For Covid 19

NJ Covid 19 app shows all the information without any registration. Anyone can access this app features. Users can see the total corona cases of their city and worldwide and contact to healthcare center in case of emergency.

Useful Features For Users

User can see the total Corona cases of New Jersey, US and Country on selection. User can access the features like News, test sites, symptoms of corona, FAQ and much more. This is very useful application to aware the people about Covid 19.